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Welcome to the no bull, all inclusive, fat burning website. At Belly-Fat-Workouts.com you will find anything and everything you need to burn that belly fat away. From basic workouts to extreme fat burning routines, Belly-Fat-Workouts.com has all the tools for beginner and experts alike.

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Here at bellyfat workouts our goal is to help you lose belly fat, plain and simple. Over the entire site you will find valuable information that not only will help you lose belly fat but will help you lose fat in any area of the body.

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Tired of being treated badly? Tired of being looked down on because you are not skinny? Tired of being passed up by girls because you are not fit enough for them? That all ends starting today.

Welcome to belly fat workouts. The new extreme belly workout routine that will blow the fat right off your body.

You want results, I guarentee results. In 6 weeks you will be losing body fat faster than you ever have before

Here is a taste of whats to come

  1. Extreme Interval Cardio - Developed by myself this cardio routine has been proven to burn fat off anyones body faster than any cardio routine out there.
  2. Belly Fat Burner - The Most precises and fastest way to build muscle and burn belly fat all at the same time!
  3. Free Nutritional Guide - Quick Tips and Info for new people just starting out. This is an awesome tool for new people to learn what foods are good for them before and after their extreme workouts.
  4. Free Beginner Routines - These routines will get you started in the right direction, but you will need the advanced and expert routines to make sure your maxing your workout efforts.
  5. Ultimate Belly Fat Workout Guide - This workout guide is the Ultimate guide and only guide you will ever need. Crafted from my 5 years at university studying the human body and metabolism and from my 10 years training mine and my friends bodies, this guide will be the only guide you will ever need to reference to get the stomach of your dreams.
    1. You will get secret workouts that I have developed to max out your workout potential and get the results you want at a faster pace.
    2. It will have my perfect Nutritional guide with complete meal plans for a 6 week body makeover.
    3. Secrets of the body. Learn about your muscles and the ways to use them in your everyday life.
    4. You will learn about how your metabolism can be controlled and used to your advantage
    5. And so much more!!!!
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Top 5 Workout Mistakes

  1. Incorrect technique - This is the biggest problem with the workout world today. Too many people are just going to the gym, lifting weights and thinking they got the results they wanted. Well they are wrong. Most people will go to the gym and only workout 60% correctly. The other 40% they are over compensating with other muscles. This could potentially hurt you and cause you to have injury that could be permanent

  2. Over Working Muscle Groups - Going to the gym and doing 600 crunches is going to wear you out. The worst part is it will do nothing for you, so you just wasted 600 crunches for no reason. The truth of the matter is that lower rep workouts get you more results because you are concentrating on the workout at hand and preforming it to its full potential. More is better statment is not the case here. Quality over Quantity is the best and I will show you how to get that

  3. Not doing your homework - I see it all too often. New people running to the gym, hit the bike for 30, jump on the bench press and do 30 reps. Then hit the leg machine for 40 reps etc. What you have done here is worked out completely different body groups. Your next day workout is not going to be as good because all parts of your body will be sore. The key here is to workout the same groups on the same day. For example, say we are doing chest and back workouts today. So we would hit the bench press, do some push ups whatever our routine is or chest and the same goes for your back. If your workouts for that day all have a componenet to workout your chest then you will get a full chest workout plus some secondary workouts on your other upper parts that will help build muscle and lose fat.

  4. Forgetting to rest - Your muscles are the same as any other part of your body. When they have been worked, they need to rest to heal up. Too many people will go do a ab workout on day 1, and then on day 2 work their abs out again. How can your muscles heal and build if you don't give them a chance? You have to take breaks inbetween workouts. 2 days is a good rest period for most muscle groups. Take a rest and workout your body once it is rested, you will see results faster this way.

  5. Dehydration - Your body is 60% water for a reason. It needs water to run most of its bodily functions. Therefore when you work out and you are using up water and sweating it out, you must put some back it. Muscles cannot work or heal properly if they do not have water to work. A general rule is you need to drink 1 litre of water per 1000 calories you burn. So do not forget to drink that water.

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Five Myths about Belly Fat Loss

Cardio is the fastest way to get a flat stomach or 6 packs abs.

This is False. Cardio will help you lose calories and tone areas of your body, but the fastest way is to build muscle. Building Muscle will cause you to use energy to digest the protein that is needed to build muscle. Then it will take calories to build the muscle. Once it has been built, it will take more calories to maintain your muscle. So you would burn more calories and get a flatter stomach by building more muscle mass on your body.

If I workout hard I can eat some junk food and it won't affect me.

This is false. You should not be eating any junk food after or anytime around your workout. Junk food is high in fat, carbs and salt. Those 3 things you do not need right after a workout. All you will do is put on weight and have those last 2-3 hours of working out be a complete waste of time. Eat healthy and workout hard and you will see the results you want.

You can get a flat stomach or 6 pack abs fast.

This is false. The only way to get a flat stomach or 6 pack abs fast is to find a magic genie. You have to put the work into it to get the results you want. There are no short cuts or quick ways to a flat or 6 pack stomach. Do the routines follow the nutrition guide and you will get the results you want!

You must do cardio everyday to burn belly fat.

This is false. You don't actually have to do any cardio to burn belly fat. You can just hit the gym, lift some weights and this alone will have your body building muscle which will burn calories faster than cardio ever could. I suggest a mix of both because having cardio endurance is a thing most weightlifters do not have. Sure you can lift 200 pounds but you will be dead tired after running a mile. Do cardio and weightlifting for maximum results.

You need diet pills and supplements to lose belly fat.

This is Very false. You do not need anything except a good attitude and the right direction. Pills and supplements are processed and are not natural. Everything these pills and supplements can do, you can get from food and getting them from food is far better as this is the natural way we have received our nutrients for our entire existence. Eat food and follow the guides. You will never need to spend a penny on any pills or supplements