Six Pack ABS

The first thing I want to say about 6 packs is that they are hard to obtain but they are obtainable. Most people get discouraged and don't want to put in all the work it takes to get the stomach they would like. A friend of mine told me a good saying that I try to apply to anything I do and that is, there is only 24 hours in a day, what you choose to do with those hours is what matters. The message I get from this is if I choose to work hard at what I want to achieve I can do it and so can you.

So to start, any kind of muscle definition is going to require a lot of work. You can sit and crunch all day but if you do not have your body in the right state you will not get anywhere as those abs will just hide under the fat on top of them. The idea is to get your body fat % down to a level where your muscle definition will start to show through. This % will differ from person to person but a good start is around 13%-14% body fat. Most normal people sit around the average and this differs between men and women. The average body fat % for men is around 21% and can range from 18-24%. For women it is 28% but can range from 25-31%. So you can see that if you are an average person you have a lot of body fat to lose before you are going to see solid definition. But do not get discouraged, the information on this site will help you get there.

By following my cardio and abs workout guides you will begin to lose that body fat % and get to the 13%-14% body fat in no time. Once your body fat content goes down enough, getting those 6 pack abs is just a matter of time. Just follow the steps provided in the abdominal workout guide on the site that is provided to you for free. You can find the ab workouts here (Ab workouts ) and the cardio workouts here (Cardio).